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Don't Pray On Me lyrics


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     Don't Pray On Me
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        a grizzly scene on my electron beam
    told a story about human rights
    so all of Kings horses
    and all of Kings men
    had a riot
    for two days and nights
    Well, the city exploded
    but the gates wouldn't open
    so the company asked him to quit
    Now everybody's equal
    Just don't measure it
    Well Hanson did it hester
    and Mark David did it to John
    and maybe Jack dit it to Marilyn
    but he did it to South Vietnam
    for beauty and glory
    for money, love and country
    Everybody's doing it,
    Don't do that to me
    I don't know what stopped
    Jesus Christ from turning
    every hungry stone into bread
    and i don't remember hearing
    how Moses reacted
    when the innocent first born sons
    lay dead
    Well I guess
    God was a lot more demonstrative
    back when he
    flamboyantly parted the sea
    now everybody's praying
    Don't prey on me
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